As the 2016 winds down and the new year fast approaches you may have some personal goals you wish to accomplish in 2017. Maybe you want to lose weight, read more, spend more time with family or just kick some bad habits.

We’ll you’re not on your own, millions of Americans set out to make new resolutions every year. However, the vast majority of resolutions fail, according to the Journal of clinical psychology. Only 8% of all resolutions are successful, so what gives?

It’s not like your finding the cure for cancer, well maybe you are, but they are not impossible achievements so why is it that so many fail every year? Perhaps it’s poor planning, procrastination, not enough time or some other combination. So before you raise your glass proclaiming future victories in the upcoming year lets take a step back and see what it takes to make these goals happen. Use these hacks to reach your goals and become part of that 8% that crush it in 2017.

1. Be Specific

Whatever your goal is, it needs to be specific. Whether it’s working out, quit smoking, or watching less Netflix you have to hash out the details. Being vague like losing weight is fine but far too broad of an objective. Is it lose 1 pound or 25? You can see how this can become confusing and frustrating. Lay out exactly what you want to accomplish. This is the blueprint that you’ll be building your foundation on so make sure you got it right and leave no room for doubt.

2.  Reverse Planning

So whenever you come up with a goal, you must first set yourself up for success by planning. Failure to plan is planning to fail. So envision what is is you want to accomplish and find the end result. What does it look like and what are the steps you need to take to take? Find the final version and do some reverse engineering of your own. Work backward from the end result all the way to the beginning and you will have a simple and straightforward process to make your goals a reality. Peter Voogd covers this in 6 months to 6 figures, become crystal clear on your purpose and do the planning before you start so you can achieve success.

3. Measurable Goals

When coming up with resolutions people tend to forget that it needs to be measurable. How will you know if you’re close to reaching the objective if you can’t track the progress? Make sure that it’s quantifiable and something you can continually analyze.

4. Set a time frame

When do you want to accomplish this by and how long will it take? Give yourself a date of completion so that you can meet the timeline. Without this, you will procrastinate and push off responsibilities for later times that won’t happen. Circle a date on your calendar and put a reminder in your phone to stick to the schedule.

5. Get a partner

Find someone with similar goals that can help and support you along the way. Having someone by your side as you work for an objective is always encouraging, and it will give you the lift that you need on days when you’re not feeling it. You can track each other’s progress and keep each other motivated as you work towards your goals together.

6. Work in small chunks

Working in small spurts helps you get the ball rolling as you attack your objective. As you build upon yesterday’s gains, you will soon have a snowball effect that you can scale up whenever you choose. For example, if you wish to read more, start by reading ten pages a day. Now, this doesn’t sound like much but with the compound effect, after a month you would have finished a whole book, by the end of the year you would have finished 12. Starting off slow and picking up steam as you go to ensure you make progress every day.

7. Keep a Journal

Maintaining a journal of your daily routine will help track your progress as you go. Every night you will have to fill out an entry for that day, and it will improve your accountability. You will consciously think of the things you need to do throughout the day to make a reasonable log in your journal. Then you can look back and see where the hiccups came about and the reasons that led up to them. This will help you identify the areas that you need to improve upon.

8. Do your homework

By doing some research in the area, you wish to improve you arm yourself with critical information that can help shave some time off your goals. You’ll have the tools of success on your side and the knowledge to back it up. By jumping on Google and reading books, you’ll have all the tips necessary to make these goals into a reality.

9. Vision Board

Visualization is a powerful tool that if used properly can manifest right before your eyes. According to the book The Secret, It’s based on the law of attraction that states we can materialize any thoughts we can conceive in our minds. Visualization is used by world-class athletes and high performers everywhere, and so should you. Setting up pictures and quotes in easy to see place gets your mind in the right place as you get your day started. You will see your goals on a daily basis and it’ll be a reminder to keep moving towards them. This will keep you motivated on days when you’re feeling down and be a representation of the future you.

10. Write your goals down daily

By using written affirmations every day you tell your subconscious that you are already successful. These daily reminders not only help you stay the course but will correct you if you veer too far from the path. Writing down goals increases the odds of achieving them, by keeping you focused and keeping them at the forefront of your mind.

11. Have a role model

No matter what you wish to accomplish there is someone out there who has already been there and done that. Use them as an example to follow and use their methods. Whatever they’re doing obviously works so shadowing their moves can only help you in the long run. Do what you can, when you can and you’ll see that using these people as mentors and mirroring their habits will give you positive results. Whether it’s an athlete, writer, or politician they all have abilities that you can adopt to reach your goals.


Use these mental hacks to accomplish your goals and make 2017 a raging success. Let us know what goals you set and what you’ll be doing to accomplish them!

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