In this globally connected world it’s easy to get lost in the tide of status updates, video feeds, and comments. Along the way, we have confused these outlets with a podium and microphone. Opinions are getting thrown around, feelings get hurt, and cat videos are everywhere.

In this chaos, individuals have a hard time agreeing with each other, and they propagate senseless distraction. To counteract this phenomenon we must realize that squabbling over petty affairs and watching videos doesn’t fix anything nor does it usually matter.

The sooner we notice these distractions, the more of an impact we’ll have. It will keep us focused on things that matter while we use this time wisely. Driving our efforts towards improving our skills freeing us up to moments of clarity.

Although being connected is great, smartphones have changed the way we communicate and is now more of a distraction than anything. Dinner conversations are interrupted by tweets, texts, and we are all hunched over these small screens eager to respond.

The problem is that we’ve grown addicted to these notifications that take us away from the present reality. It’s something we look forward to and something that we expect. We wake up and check our phones, we scroll before bed and catch up during lunch.

To be effective nowadays, we must find ways to throttle back this usage and in turn funnel this energy to our work. It can be challenging, but it’s quite necessary.

Doing so will open up new channels of creativity which were previously untapped and underutilized. We will notice that once we become producers instead of consumers creativity will flow through us and we’ll become more fulfilled.

In doing so, we can utilize social media for its original intention and show the world our work instead of continuously feeding into others. To get you started on this distraction-free life here are three methods we can implement today to maximize efficiency.

1. Turn phone on silent with smart watch

Keeping our phones on silent drowns out all the noise from these squawk boxes. Coupled with new smart watches, we can quickly take a look at our wrists to determine the legitimacy of these notifications and go about our way.

If what pops up is not important it can wait. Utilizing this method will cut down on our phone time and helps prioritize things of importance.

2. Establish no phone zones

This is an absolute must if we wish to become prolific in our work and become socially prosperous. By not having phones in certain areas we can better focus on our work, enjoy dinner with the family, and keep our attention on the activity on hand.

Doing this will keep our relationships healthy and provide a degree of intensity to our projects which will be magnified in our efforts.

3. Set certain times to check phones

Having a determined time to check our phones makes it easy to maximize our time. This will relegate our usage to only when needed and free up moments that were normally distractions. It’s a highly effective measure that we should all utilize to make the most of our day.

In short, social media can be good, bad, and ugly. Knowing how to use our phones and not letting our phones use us is critical for us to make the most of our time. Let’s implement ways to curve back these addictions, and we’ll find more satisfaction out of our relationships and work.

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