Productivity is one of the most researched and talked about topics. With everything that competes for your attention nowadays, it’s easy to see why people often get sidetracked and lose sight of what’s important. We are always flooded with tons of information each and every day, and we simply can’t digest all of it. Being able to sidestep all these saboteurs of progress is essential to becoming successful. Let’s break down how you can overcome these pesky time wasters and unleash the productive powerhouse you have within you.


1. Remove distractions

Here is one of the biggest culprits on this list. Reading emails, checking your social media and answering phone calls. Distractions are enemy number one when it comes down to getting down to business. With the bells and whistles that these notifications send you, it’s easy to see why you can get sidetracked.

How many times has social media grabbed your attention from your work and got you going down the time killing rabbit hole? Come on be honest everyone has done it; myself included, but to avoid it altogether just shut it down completely. Whenever you decide you’re going, start grinding away on that project that you’ve been putting off for months isolate yourself from humanity. (Not in a hermit type of way) Turn your phone on silent, only open the necessary tabs in your browser and go to a place with no distractions. Don’t let these little productivity bandits steal any more of your time by not giving yourself the option to become distracted.


2. Quality over quantity

I know, I know this sounds like one of those cliches that everyone likes to put on those motivational posters on their desks but hear me out. Being able to allot a certain amount of time and take a break from time to time will help you tremendously.

Think about the time you had to write that paper in your English class and you waited until the last second, you began writing furiously and at ferocious pace knowing that this assignment was due first thing in the morning.

How effective was your writing towards the end of this grueling gauntlet? I can tell you from personal experience it turns into fluff after awhile. Why is this? It’s not about how much work you do; it’s about the quality of work you do.

What’s the point of killing yourself on a project just then having to backtrack and scrap half of it because of the poor quality?

In essence, you’re doubling your workload and sabotaging productivity. Allott yourself some time to knock out some of the work you want to get done and stick to it, if you find yourself getting burnt out, take a break and relax for a bit. Being able to find the sweet spot in your work and life balance is imperative. Find some time for relaxation and watch your effectiveness skyrocket.


3. Having a Workout Routine

Have you ever noticed how you feel after a workout? The blood is flowing, the endorphins are pumping, and you feel ready to take on the world? Daily exercise is a routine that many high-performing CEO’s and entrepreneurs do that jumpstarts their day and gets them in the zone.

Waking up and going for a run or pumping some iron not only has tremendous health benefits but it has been proven to increase your vitality.

You can start as small as you want and improve your workout regiment over time, but starting and sticking to an exercise routine will boost your creativity and keeps innovative ideas coming. Do yourself a favor and start a routine your body and your business will thank you later.


4. Planning your day

For every minute of planning, you save ten minutes of action.

I’m not great at math, but this would be a 1000% return on investment! If this were the stock market you would have a nice little profit on your hands so why not give it a shot?

By scheduling your day out the night before you save an incredible amount of time so you can hit the ground running in the morning. It gives you a clear target to hit and helps you stay on track. Prioritizing your agenda allows you to budget time and helps you knock out what matters most. You won’t have to worry about forgetting something and then wasting, even more, time remembering it. By mapping out days, you keep production up and wasted time to a minimum.

By sticking to these four simple steps, I have noticed an increase in productivity not only in my life but others as well. Let us know what you do to keep yourself focused and productive. We would love to hear from yo


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