Letting go is tough no matter how you spin it. Relationships, hobbies, projects but more often than not you will know right away and drag your feet towards the inevitable. As you move on from certain stages of life, it’s easier to leg go things like partying, hobbies, and bad relationships. So why is it that some things are harder to walk away from? Well for one, nostalgic memories keep us thinking positively, and we might be hoping for change.  Either way, it all ends up crashing and burning eventually. So before you have a wildfire on your hands make sure your pay attention to these seven signals that it’s time to move forward.

1.  It’s a burden

Whenever you’re engaged in that activity and it feels like work, there is no hope on the horizon. Although you can sometimes rekindle the flame, the passion that burned deep inside you may be lost. Whether it’s a hobby that no longer suits your lifestyle, or a relationship gone sour, whenever you have to force yourself to be engaged, it’s clearly a sign of disinterest. Once you were anxious to tackle this activity and then suddenly, you lost the drive to continue forward. This is an indicator that things aren’t the same and it’s best to move before things get worst. It happens all the time, kids no longer play with toys, professionals no longer party and the list goes on and on. Things change, people change, and times change. Nothing last forever not even our hobbies/passions. Just let go before you start hating it.

2. Distracted

Do you catch yourself thinking of other things when you’re working on that project? Does your mind wander to what you’ll do after or maybe what you’d rather be doing? It doesn’t have that kick anymore, and you just have to get away. Just drop it and move on, no use in hanging around if you’re always distracted. You’ll find that you won’t put the time and effort into something that your hearts not in, so pack your bags and get ready to move on.

3. Forgetfulness

Sometimes you’ll find that you completely forgot about working on that project. This is a sure-fire sign that it’s no longer a priority. When you catch yourself working on other things instead, its just a matter of time before you drop this activity altogether. Setting reminders and scheduling it on your calendar no longer works, and you shouldn’t either. Give it a farewell and think about your next project.

4. Not Interested

Time and time again you’ll find a friend or colleague working on something that they clearly hate. Whether it’s a new subject or trying a new hobby if it’s not meant to be, it’s not meant to be. You’ll end up hating it and everything remotely related. Don’t succumb to people around you and make yourself do anything that doesn’t interest you. It’s a waste of time for you and everyone involved so if your hearts not in it, scrap it and call it quits. You’ll end up losing time that could be used for something else.

5. Living in the past

Keeping something around that used to interest you is no fun. Having memories of the good times is great, but if that’s all it is now; memories. Too many times people are stuck in situations that they hate because they want to relive the past. Lightning doesn’t strike twice, and if it’s over, then it’s time to call it.

6. Wishing for change

Wishing for change is a bad all around. There are no genies, and this isn’t Aladdin so your odds are looking pretty slim. It’s not impossible but more likely than not you’ll be living in a daydream. Things don’t magically transform, so holding on to the wishing well is usually a lost cause. Get moving before you get stuck in a haze.

7. No more fun

When you aren’t enjoying yourself, it’s time to ditch it and run. No point in being around something that doesn’t get the juices flowing. Do yourself a favor and find the nearest exit and don’t look back. The worst thing you can do is force a smile in a bad situation. Give it a proper funeral and bury it.


Have you lost interest in projects or certain hobbies? What was it and what do you think caused it? Let us know; we would love to hear from you!

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