Insecurities. We all have them, and they’ll always be around as long as we live. You’re not tall enough, you’re not smart enough, you don’t have the experience.

This long script of negativity can go on and on, lowering your confidence and crippling your self-esteem.

Being able to block these idea’s and reaffirming your thoughts of success and purpose can give you the boost you need to blow past the negativity and build your self-esteem and confidence.

The world is full of critics eager to share their opinions with anyone who’s willing to listen, and they pride themselves on standing on the backs of others. The last thing you need to do is join them and agree with their opinions and negative banter.

Sadly the people who say you can’t achieve your goals are usually the ones that gave up on theirs, so don’t join their ranks, stand out and be the exception.

Become your biggest fan and loudest cheerleader. Keep yourself motivated to become better and accomplish your goals no matter how big or small.

You have enough cynics around you, pay them no mind and keep the positivity flowing. Block out the negative buzz, and keep building your confidence. Keep your feet planted and your eyes to the sky. As you build upon your successes, your confidence will rise with it.

You must believe in yourself because no one else will.

Just like you wouldn’t trust a jittery salesperson pitching the latest vacuum cleaner while he’s stumbling over his words.

You must exude confidence and make others believe.

Confidence has a snowball effect, it’ll get bigger and bigger with each and every accomplishment.

It’s no surprise that some of the greatest inventors, businesspeople, leaders, and philanthropists were quite confident in their abilities and their ideas.

From Abraham Lincoln to Elon Musk they all carry these characteristics and its what eventually propelled them to excellence.

The more you build your confidence, the more successful you will become. Become a pillar of Self-Esteem and be proud of what you do and find that as you reach your goals things will become easier.

To combat poor self-esteem and build your confidence you must practice every day. It’s a skill that we are not born with but develop over time. You must be aware that everything you do displays your faith in yourself and your abilities.

From sports, school, work and side projects believe in yourself and deposit faith in your confidence account until you become unstoppable.


1. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others


Comparing yourself to others is self-sabotage.

We naturally have a tendency to compare ourselves to people who possess qualities that we don’t have, and we tend to put ourselves down.

By doing this, you tell yourself your inadequate and incapable of getting a bigger house or a better job. It’s all very possible. If you can conceive it, you can achieve it.

Stop sending this subconscious signals and sabotaging your mind.

Rather than comparing other individuals, compare yourself to the old you. Look at how far you’ve come and where you’re going. Look at the goals you’ve accomplished and appreciate the things you have been able to achieve.

Don’t play a game that you’re bound to lose, don’t keep up with the Jones’s.


2. Stay True to Yourself


Being your yourself and marching to your beat makes you 10x more confident when you encounter situations of doubt and uncertainty.

By sticking to your beliefs, people respect you more, and it inspires them to stand by theirs.

Stop going with the flow and take a stance where your beliefs and morals lie.

Stand up for yourself and don’t be swayed by your environment. If you don’t agree with what’s said or what’s happening, let people know.

You don’t have to be pushy about just let them know that you don’t agree with what’s going on.

Blaze your own trail and stay true to yourself.


3. Improve What You can and Accept the Things you can’t


Change what you can and accept the things you can’t.
Being able to differentiate the two is essential for your growth as a person.
If you’re always worried about things around you, you’ll go insane.

Being able to realize that you have a finite number of stuff that you can influence while making the changes you can, will help tremendously.


Grow your self-esteem by taking action over what you can and accepting the things you can’t.


4. Live with a Purpose


Having goals to strive for gives you a sense of purpose that is hard to replicate. You can tell when you see a man on a mission, and there are few people willing to get in his way.

Having meaning in your life gives you the confidence you need to continue moving forward and progress towards your goals.

Become planted in your purpose and live a life of meaning that you’re sure to be proud of. Not only does this keep you moving forward towards your goals it has a positive effect on you and the people around you. Martha Beck covers this in her book, Finding Your Own North Star, you will live a full and abundant life the more you enjoy what you do. You don’t have to go along without meaning and self-worth.

Find something you are passionate about, and you’re sure to see the benefits in your confidence account.

Look at Mark Cuban; he works with purpose and lives a full and enriching life. He loves what he does, and it’s evident. Everyone around him feels his energy and helps him achieve his goals.

Apply this concept to your life and start growing your self-esteem.


5. Help Others


Not everyone is as fortunate as you and providing a helping hand lets you realize how good you have it.

Although you may be in a bad situation, remember there is always someone out there that is down on their luck.

Whether it’s your health, home, or family, you have something to be grateful
Working at a local shelter for a day will make you realize that it’s not that bad.

When you lift people up, you lift up your spirits at the same time. There’s nothing like providing for someone that can’t provide for themselves.

However big or small. Think about the last time you gave candy to a child and how happy they were to receive it.

We need this to uplift our spirits and feel good about ourselves and build our self-esteem.

Do what you can, when you can, and you feel better about yourself and your abilities.


6. Stay Positive


Being positive is what helped man reach the moon, sail the seven seas, and build life-changing inventions.

Optimists are the people that get things done and believe they can every step of the way. They have all harnessed the power of positive thinking.

Having a positive mentality and applying it to your life will help you in many areas including your confidence.

Saying you will and following through with it is the mental hack you need to make gain self-esteem and improve all aspects of your life.

Mistakes and failures will come, but with a positive outlook you can forget about your troubles and build on your successes.

Positivity is contagious, and the people around you will find it uplifting.

Scientists say that optimists live longer because they have a better outlook on life.

Do yourself a favor and start thinking positively, your body will thank you.


7. Keep yourself Accountable


Keeping yourself responsible for your actions can help inspire you to become better.

Shifting blame and not accepting your role in failures is the fastest way you can crash and burn.

Holding yourself to a standard, keeps you on your toes and improving in all areas of your life.

If your not good at basketball and shooting isn’t your strong suit, don’t blame your genes, improve your game.

Take more shots and put in the extra practice so that you’ll get better and see your progress. As you get better, you will build your confidence and your game. Kobe Bryant was known to take 400 shots daily he did this to improve his confidence in his abilities and hold himself accountable to excellence. Take accountability over your life and what happens in it.

We are all a product of our decisions and what you do determines the outcome. Love yourself enough to stop playing the blame game and change what you can.

When you take responsibility for your life, you will find it empowering, knowing that what you do is a direct reflection of your decisions is what you need at times.

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

Confidence and self-esteem is something we must build upon each and every day.

It’s not picked up by reading a book or watching a video. It’s a skill we nurture daily.

Our moves, our actions, and our beliefs are what forms our self-worth.

Put the stake in the ground today and become the person you’ve always wanted to be.

What do you do to build your confidence and self-esteem? Let us know in the comments; we’d love to hear from you.

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