From small businesses to industry disruptors entrepreneurs are popping up left and right. Every day a new product or service appears out of nowhere providing immediate value to the marketplace.

Entrepreneurs offer new ways to make things better and are changing life as we know it. Shows like shark tank give you a sneak peak at the different people starting brands and leaving their mark.

All these individuals have similar qualities, and today we’ll cover the 8 characteristics that all entrepreneurs have.


1. Competitive

All entrepreneurs are ultra competitive. They need to be bigger, faster, and better than everyone else; second place is simply unacceptable. You can’t always win, but that doesn’t stop them from trying.

Competitiveness is the reason why the best entrepreneurs continually stay on top. They have the drive needed to keep going long after their competition has called it quits.


2. Creative

Entrepreneurs are artists, and their products are the art. They continually make things from scratch and take concepts to the next level. Lemonade stands, iPhones, Facebook, it all started with some creative genius.

Taking an idea and building upon it certainly takes improvisation, imagination, and vision. Without these skills, ideas would never become a reality.


3. Optimistic

All entrepreneurs are positive individuals. Building a brand is quite scary, and failure is always around the corner. Being confident in your ideas is an absolute must. The entrepreneur is a glass half-full type that always sees the upside to every situation.


4. Problem Solver

As an entrepreneur, you will always encounter problems. Being able to adjust and make things works is just part of the process. Without creative solutions, you would get nowhere fast.


5. Opportunistic

When some see problems; entrepreneurs see opportunities. You must have an eye for connecting the dots and seizing the moment. It’s easy to see trends after the fact, but jumping ahead of the curve is something that entrepreneurs consistently do.


6. Curious

Entrepreneurs are always learning, they search for answers and look for better solutions. Having a thirst for knowledge is something that sets them apart from others.

It doesn’t matter where the information comes from, books, courses or seminars they are always seeking self-improvement.


7. Cash Flow

No matter how good the product or service if your not making money then you won’t be around for too long.

Entrepreneurs are always seeking ways to lower overhead and increase profits. Whether it’s changing shipping carriers, switching manufacturers or swapping the type of toilet paper they’re thrifty and frugal where it matters.


8. Brave

Going out on a limb and trying something new is pretty scary.  At first, things will be shaky and unpredictable, but this is what makes you different. Testing the waters is what you do, it’s the very essence of entrepreneurship. Going where no one has gone before.

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