The story of David and Goliath is quite an interesting tale. It’s a story that fascinates the world and one that continually gets repeated. How is it that someone facing seemingly insurmountable odds could take on an opponent and come out victorious?

Although such circumstances are unlikely, it’s not at all impossible. Individuals regularly face opponents that have superior skills and resources, yet they manage to come out on top. So what makes these underdogs successful?

Well, nine times out of ten they flip the script, change the rules, and attack from different angles. Instead of facing these giants head on they use their smaller size and speed to topple these behemoths. They turn their opponents strengths into weaknesses and leverage their unique skills.

They make the giants play a different game which magnifies their strengths making them unprepared. With these Goliath’s out of their element they no longer have the upper hand making them vulnerable to the more cunning opponent.

For example, during America’s war for independence, General Washington was forced to use guerrilla warfare. Facing an army with more men, better equipment, and superior skill, there was no way to fight the British head on. To do so was suicide and a fatal error at the expense of his men.

While the redcoats formed in large formation out in the open, the Americans fought from the tree line. Attacking in unsuspecting fashion behind rocks and striking at a moments notice. Using these dink and dunk tactics wore down the British army and eventually won the Americans their independence.

This was the case when Napoleon invaded Russia, and when the United States fought in Vietnam. Time and time again this technique has been used to extraordinary effectiveness making the smaller army formidable eventually securing their victory.

These unconventional strategies will always work to a smaller opponents favor because most aren’t prepared to play a different style of game, leaving us with an opportunity to capitalize.

These techniques apply to sports, business, and pretty much everything else. When facing an opponent with superior talent the worst thing we can do is play their game. We have to become resourceful and work with what we have.

We must use our wit to play to our strengths while undermining theirs. Make them uneasy by taking them out of their element and into ours.

Now it will be difficult, and it requires a great deal of effort but it’s certainly possible for those willing to make the sacrifice. Goliath’s are big because they’re good at what they do, which means we have to be better at we do.

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