Scientists say that there are no two snowflakes that are identical. Similarly, you’d be hard pressed to find someone exactly like you. It’s the spice of life, imagine how boring would it be, if everybody was a carbon copy.

Now with that, comes difference in opinions. For example, everyone has their interpretation of success. My idea of success may be different from yours, and vice versa. You see, success isn’t a one size fits all. Some just want a happy family, while others strive to reach Mars. (We’re looking at you Mr. Musk) There’s no right or wrong answer, so we must ask ourselves, what does success mean to us?

With so many interpretations it’s easy to get swayed into following someone else’s path. Our families advice are well received but remember, but it’s their interpretation of success. We must take this advice with a grain of salt and examine all parts equally. Look closely at the details and determine what it is that makes us happy.

As children, we all get asked what we want to be when we grow up. Some say, astronauts, scientists, and soccer players. Is that who we are now? So how is that we have strayed so far? Where did we go wrong? It’s as we get older that we’re constantly told to be realistic. This is when our childlike sense of wonder is slowly, stifled by the grips of society. They beckon us to become more practical and hide those silly aspirations, and with that, the answers change to lawyers, doctors, and dentists. All honorable professions in their right, but if it doesn’t make you happy, is it worth it?

Unfortunately, many kids walk the path that their parents laid out for them. Following a career that isn’t right for them, not realizing until years later that they should have taken a different route.

Now imagine booking a five-star hotel only to realize that it’s a motel 6 in the shady part of town. Wouldn’t you be upset? Once you realize it’s not what you were promised you’d take action, right? You’d call the help desk; you’d talk to the manager, and demand a refund. So why is our profession so much different? If you’re over-worked, unhappy, with dollars on your mind but, pennies in your pocket, you may need change.

If this is the case, it’s time to find your true destiny, but before you start this journey, you’ll need some equipment. You’ll need to find your North Star, acquire a map, and follow your compass. Luckily, it’s easy to find all three.

We must first figure out what gets you up in the morning? What ignites that passion deep inside? What keeps you working past check out time? What truly makes you happy? The answer is your north star.

Then you must find your personal map. Fortunately, we live in an age where there’s no shortage of information. With the internet, we get lightening fast results giving us more data than we can consume. The web is crawling with guides, checklists, and blueprints on topics far and wide. You’ll be sure to find whatever you’re looking for and more. You’ll use the information you gather as your map.

Lastly, you must use your compass. Your compass is your heart, although it may spin in several directions, it will always point North. Your heart will never fail you; it will always lead you towards success and happiness. You must trust and follow it no matter what terrain you may encounter. It will guide you over tall mountains and treacherous valleys but rest assured it will never lie.

With all these three instruments at your disposal, you’ll sure reach your destination. It may take a week, a month, or maybe a year, but eventually you’ll get there. Use your map to make sure that it lines up with true North, and follow your compass every step of the way. You’ll reach your destiny in no time. I bid you good luck on your journey as you move towards health, wealth, and happiness.


Posted by Victor Figueroa

Hi, I'm Victor Figueroa and I love growth and personal development. I strive to be better than yesterday and my mission is to help inspire everyone to reach their full potential. Let's grow together as we travel through this changing world in search of health, wealth, and happiness.

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