The routine, the grind, the hustle whatever you want to call it, these daily habits have a huge impact on our futures. It’s what we do when no one’s watching when no one’s holding you accountable and it’s who you eventually become. It’s at these moments we forge our futures, instilling the habits of today like a compounding interest.

Over time these habits magnify our action and mirror our present selves. The seeds we sow today will eventually come to fruition bearing the mark of the sower. Which makes it critical that when left to our own vices we have the discipline to take constructive action.

We must develop the resolve to forgo present pleasure, for future gain sacrificing who we are for who will become. It’s at these very moments that our character illuminates the abyss by giving way to our inner selves. It’s a testament to our priorities telling a tale that amplifies our desires and true aspirations.

Like a gardener tends to his flowers we too must be mindful of the weeds growing in our lives. We must separate the good from the bad accounting for the present moment in correlation with future goals. 

Doing our due diligence during these pivotal junctures determines the dividends we will receive down the road. Make sure what you do now, is something that you can proud of later…

Posted by Victor Figueroa

Hi, I'm Victor Figueroa and I love growth and personal development. I strive to be better than yesterday and my mission is to help inspire everyone to reach their full potential. Let's grow together as we travel through this changing world in search of health, wealth, and happiness.

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