As you may now know, having a clear vision of your goals is the most effective way to achieve them. Becoming specific, with a proper plan, is the blueprint needed to lay the foundation of any endeavor you wish to accomplish. Imagine these details as a guide; this playbook will provide you with the insight needed to reach your destination of health, wealth, and happiness.

Although it may require some tweaking, once you commit these thoughts to paper and fully understand the power of the mind, you will have the ability to manifest these ideas into reality. This principle is the standard by which success is determined, not only in my life, but that of the wealthy before me, and surely after.

Success is not only something you work for but something that you must manifest. Napoleon Hill covers this extensively in his book, Think and Grow Rich. He explains that once you proclaim your intentions; coupled with a definite plan, it will become so.

I believe this principle works, and have used it in my life. I can attest, that using this simple guide, has allowed me to effectively make progress as I manifest my destiny. This style of thinking has transformed my mind and has me excited for what the future holds.

Not only have I increased my income, but I have found that specificity is the formula needed to materialize growth and happiness. It should come as no surprise, that many a person has used this same principle, to attract success and riches, making it a proven idea, capable of shifting paradigms.

These are the steps you will need to begin your journey towards happiness and fabulous wealth.

1. Be Specific, Very Specific

You must become crystal clear on the idea of what you want. Think upon these things and determine what you truly desire. How much money do you want and how will you earn said amount?

Once you are clear on this sum and the product or service you will provide, commit them to paper. Look at this list several times a day and recite them out loud, You must make it a subliminal part of your subconscious and make it the core of your existence. Soon you’ll be able to envision this list by memory, and it’ll become one with your mind.

Simply put, man will become his thoughts. You attract what you think, and you become the person you envision. It’s the law of attraction, any thought a man can conceive, he can achieve.

2. Take Immediate Action

Once you have established your plan, you must take immediate action. Merely, thinking of these ideas will not make them come true. You must take significant action, to see significant gains. By referring to your action plan and doing the necessary work you stack the deck in your favor.

Wishful thinking alone does not make fortunes. Work is the hammer that strikes the nail, It’s the vehicle used to reach our destination, and without it, we will be stuck at the proverbial crossroads.

So you must take daily action, as you work towards these goals. By using the compounding effects of this daily quota, you will find that your efforts will be multiplied each and every day.

3. Rinse and Repeat

By using the two steps above, you will be able to manifest your destiny. It’s a proven idea that has worked for centuries, bringing fame and fortune to all that have capitalized on these principles.

When utilized correctly, these ideas will not only make you riches, but it will make you worthy of them. So hold these principles near to your heart, as this will be all you need to accumulate wealth. I bid you good luck on your journey, as you make your wildest dreams come true.

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