Habits. Some are good, and some are bad. The habits you create shape your character and personality. We all have goals and dreams and the actions we take every single day can either help or hurt you. A researcher named Wendy Wood conducted a study on about a thousand people and found that the participants performed a single routine every day. The candidates would religiously make the same actions day in and day out, essentially running on auto-pilot. The result is that they became a product of their routines. Their periodic actions were made into strong, lasting habits. A habit, at its core, is nothing but responses to certain scenarios that produces the same results. All habits are formed by triggers.

Whenever the trigger goes off a response is immediately made. If you remove the cue you can eliminate action. Or if you remove yourself from the situation you can eliminate everything all together. Identifying and removing bad habits is essential to growing as a person, strengthening your relationships, and everything in between. This is why the most successful people create more wealth and happiness each and every day. Becoming rich or remaining poor has nothing to do with the economy, politicians or anything else, but it has everything to do with your behavior.

From the most successful to the down and out, people and their patterns determine where they are and who they have become. This is precisely why the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. There is good news, however, although habits are hard to break it’s not impossible. First, you must identify what it is that you are trying to stop or start doing.

For example, if you wanted to quit smoking a good way to help yourself would be to stop associating with smokers. The absence of temptation will help you tremendously. Whenever you crave a cigarette, make an effort to replace it with a new action, preferably something that benefits you and your new lifestyle. Most importantly whenever you get the trigger of wanting to smoke, you must have made a conscious decision to do an alternative action ahead of time. By doing this, you already have a plan to avoid it entirely. Mentally getting this into your head will help you from reverting to the same behavior that got you there in the first place.

The human psyche forms strong bonds and every action adds a link to the chain. Bad habits are hard to change but replacing them with good ones is much easier. You must first start out small, and take steps that will eventually result in your desired outcome.

To get something you’ve never achieved you must do something you have never done. Inspiration is what gets you started, motivation is what keeps you going, and habits is what eventually takes over. Make these simple changes and watch your life transform.

What is it that you do every day that you want to stop or improve? Comment below and lets us know your struggles and triumphs, we would love to hear from you!




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