The snowball effect is starting with something of little significance and growing it into something respectable. This is the basis for every startup and small business. The goal is to start off small and keep expanding until the company can take care of itself.

The issue with the snowball effect is sometimes we may lose momentum along the way. It may stall somewhere and stagnate in others. This can be quite discouraging, but we must keep our resolve to push past these moments of madness.

We’ll find that consistency pays off proving that working with regularity is our biggest advantage. We must compound our daily efforts by taking no days off and hustling to pack on the snow.

At a certain time, the snowball will reach a tipping point catching momentum and becoming an unstoppable force crushing everything in its path.

This is the desired end state of any project, but it takes an extreme level of dedication. Our daily actions can either build or take away from the progress needed to keep this machine moving.

We must continue fanning the flaming of this fiery furnace until it’s a great blaze of passion and commitment. We cannot compromise lest we fall into a funk that keeps us down and out.

Luckily, progress can be quite addictive, so once we begin these habits, they will come second nature as we move in an upward trend reaching for the top rung of success.

We will make mistakes along the way, but it’s expected. We must use these moments as learning experiences to improve our approach towards our work.

In short, we are capable of producing magnificent creations if we follow through with our goals. Only by taking daily action can we expect to move mountains and create this snowball effect in our own lives.

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