Many of the greatest achievers to ever walk this earth have had the ability to look past their situation and find the upside no matter what. Being able to set aside the difficulties you are facing and push positive thoughts to the forefront helps foster an environment of success. Visualizing your goals will help you grow into the person, you aspire to be. Henry Ford was once said “The man who says he can, and the man who says he can’t are both right.”  By having the right mindset, you can make or break any situation that you encounter. From the underdog team trying to make a championship run, to the corporate giants being toppled by an upcoming startup. Positive thinking is a tool that can be used by everyone to live a productive and full life. Make sure you use it accordingly.

1. Visualisation

By visualizing your dreams, you make them very real and intimate. Seeing yourself closing on that house or finally getting that date with the girl of your dreams are things that we are all capable of doing. Jim Carey once wrote a check to himself for 10 million dollars before he ever landed a movie deal. He attributes his success to envisioning the future that he would eventually obtain by always keeping a positive attitude. By having clear and vivid images of your goals and how it will feel, how you’ll get there and making it as detailed as possible it makes everything crystal clear. Take some time to meditate each day and focus on your goals. By doing this you start attracting positive thoughts to take hold of your subconscious and look at ways you “can” instead of the ways you “can’t”.

2. Develop an Attitude of Gratitude

Every situation has several points of view. Look at everything in a glass-half-full mindset and you can see the upside to everything you encounter. Instead of complaining about how you just popped a tire, look at it as a moment to teach your son how to fix a flat. You can have a bonding moment where you show him a necessary skill that he will use in the future, and he’ll thank you for it. Make every obstacle an opportunity for learning. Life is about the journey and all the things that happen to you make the person you are and who you’ll become. Nothing is ever easy and straightforward as it seems, by knowing this from the beginning it will help you keep positivity flowing and take little hiccups for face value. After all, you can’t predict life so you might as well embrace these minor inconveniences as learning experiences. Take some time throughout the day to step back and be grateful for everything you have rather than what you don’t like your health, family, and the gift to be alive in an era of unprecedented freedom.

3. Surround yourself with positive people

They say you are the average of the five people you are most often around. By keeping good company, you challenge each other for bigger and better things. Friends that force you to “level up” in all aspects of life from professional to personal development can have a huge impact whether you realize or not. Good people are hard to find but when you encounter them, make sure to keep them around. There is enough negativity and hate in this world to go around so make sure you keep your circle full of people who are confident in their beliefs that tomorrow will be brighter. Great leaders make a habit of surrounding themselves with a core group that promotes forward thinking and positive vibes. From the President of the United States to a small business owner in Podunk, Iowa. Keep good folks around you and watch how you and your team grow together.


Life is hard and full of obstacles big and small, knowing how to be flexible and putting a positive spin on things will help you look at things in a new light. Don’t allow negative thoughts to take you down. It’s not how hard you hit bottom but how high you bounce.

What do you do every day to keep yourself focused and in a positive mindset? Let us know; we would love to hear your stories!

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