In today’s day and age, there’s a lot of confusion over what we “want.” It’s this idea that we can get something for nothing and instantly obtain whatever we wish for. It’s like a mirage. We can mentally see it but not psychically touch it.

For example, everyone wants to be a famous musician. We want to perform before sold-out crowds and create inspiring music. We have this daydream that one day we’ll have platinum records and be on everyone’s playlist.

Although this maybe something that we want, it’s not something we truly value. We’re not willing to put in the hours to master our instrument or perfect our vocals. We don’t want to deal with the rejections from record companies and the hassle of booking gigs.

We don’t make an effort to make these things come true, so it’s safe to say we don’t “want” it. The things we value, are the things we work towards. We make a conscious attempt to make them our reality, and it’s something we can’t live without.

Like making a decent living and making sure we have a roof over our heads. That’s what we genuinely value, so we make it happen.

We must recognize the difference between these two and separate them. The main distinction is that we don’t compromise on our values because it’s on our list of non-negotiables. There’s nothing that can stop us from obtaining it, and we don’t stop until we do.

So to prevent this mental sabotage, we must realize that we need to love the process. We’ve got to enjoy the aches that come with the growing pains. There’s no avoiding this, so it becomes clear what we value right away.

We see this on a regular basis. How many times have we run into someone who wants to lose weight but claim they’re too busy to workout? They say they want to be healthier, but they don’t follow a diet.

Now there’s nothing wrong with this, and I’m not one to tell someone how to live their life, but let’s be honest. Honest with friends, family, but most importantly ourselves.

Let’s make the distinction between the two so that we can see real progress. By establishing this, we’ll be able to focus our energy on stuff we’ll finish rather than wasting our time.

In short, if there’s something we sincerely value we’d pull a Nike and just do it.

Posted by Victor Figueroa

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