As entrepreneurs, it’s incredibly easy to get distracted. We have a million and one ideas we want to pursue but neither the time nor the means to do so.

Although having a creative mind and the courage to attack it is a strong quality, it can also be detrimental. We suffer from squirrel syndrome which leads us to overextending ourselves which often are not the best at the moment.

To combat this, we must have restraint in our decision making and ensure that they fall in line with our mission and contributes to the end goal. If not we run the risk of running ourselves into the ground and toppling what we already have established.

With this in mind, we must realize what we need to grow and stay disciplined in its execution. I can’t tell you how many times I went around working on side projects when I should have been focusing on continued progress on my primary goal.
By becoming stubborn in this aspect, we give ourselves the opportunity to master our craft.

Complete dedication ensures that we become better by the day eventually propelling us into expert status.
Doing this will distinguish ourselves from the crowd making us a dynamo in our chosen field. Once we have done this, then we can move onto to other areas and master those, but not a second sooner.

Here are 5 ways we can focus our energy on mastering our profession and becoming experts in our field.

1. Make a Detailed Plan

Laying out all the details in a clear manner makes it easier for us to follow a chain of events that will lead to our desired outcome. This makes the decision-making process streamlined so we can maximize our time and effort in the most efficient manner possible.

2. Stick to a Schedule

Once we make a plan, we must implement it through a schedule ensuring that we make steady progress day in and day out. This has a compounding effect on the actions we take which will add up and reward us with the advancement needed to reach the next level.

3. Write a Mission Statement

Writing a mission statement makes your purpose and reasoning transparent with everyone involved. When faced with a decision on the direction of the project we can revert to this and determine the legitimacy of the route we’re about to take.

Making this statement is an excellent way to get everyone on the same page and firing on all cylinders.

4. Keep your eyes on the Prize

Every now and again we need a reminder of why we started. Doing this periodically will give us a refreshing view on the future and give us added motivation to stay the course.

In times of doubt, not much can inspire us, so this is a great way to get our heads focused on the task at hand.

5. Review and Revise

Most things don’t go according to plan so looking back, and fine tuning is necessary. When working it’s easy to veer to the left and right making this a perfect way to eliminate wasted time by adjusting fire.

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