Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter we all have them to keep up our friends and the world around us, and so should your business. Chances are your customers use these platforms just as often as you do if not more. So why not show them some love on your newsfeed? Let’s face it; social media is not going anywhere, and it’s a powerful tool if you have the ability to create a following. We’ll go over some critical steps to take to increase your exposure and lead to more sales.

1. Join multiple platforms

This should go without saying but the more platforms you have, the more chances you have to attract potential customers. You should have the major social networks and even some of the smaller ones. By having a presence in all areas, you can shift your scale of influence to a larger crowd and create more buzz about your product or service. From Facebook to Twitter and everything in between you should sign up and create all the accounts you can.

2. Post often and regularly

Nothing is worse than going to one of your favorite sites just to see that it hasn’t been updated. The same goes for social media. You should post regularly to keep your followers engaged and interested. Whether its three times a week or 3 times a day figure out what works best for your business and stick to it.

3. Have a conversation

Talking to your followers is critical. Commenting, liking, and following their pages is crucial when it comes to social media. Let them know your human too, connect with them and keep the conversations going by asking open-ended questions and starting polls. Keep them involved and watch your business flourish. If you have a particular product you’re thinking about launching, ask them what they think. If you have potato chip company, ask them if they prefer sweet or salty and why. Then you’ll see all the feedback you need while keeping them interested.

4. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are used everywhere and now is the best time to create your own. Whether you’re throwing an event or starting a movement creating a unique hashtag tied to your brand or service can assist in creating that buzz you need. Big companies like Coca-Cola and Red Bull have used these tactics to start trends focused on their products, and it works tremendously well, the more popular your hashtag, the more sales you get. Its a win, win.

5. Use platforms properly

Utilizing social media platforms properly is essential to your success. Instagram isn’t the same as google+ so why would you use it the same? You have to know what each platform is made for and use it accordingly. For example, Twitter has a 140 character limit so keeping your message short and sweet is critical, while on the other hand, Facebook has no limits on character usage. Know what to do for each platform and watch your following rise.

Although not having social media won’t be the end of the world, it’s greatly encouraged, and your bottom line will thank you. With social media so abundant keep your business in the loop and your presence won’t go unnoticed. Stay on top of these platforms and watch your sales rise like the sun.

How do you harness the power of social media? What has worked for you and why? We would love to hear from you!



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