It’s 2017, and it’s far too late to start a business. The wave has come and gone so you might as well hang it up and look forward to working that 9-5. Sorry, you should have been on it, when others were killing it…

These voices in our head consistently offer their unwanted two cents explaining the many reasons why our project will fail. We all hear it from time to time, but these thoughts should not stop us from getting after it.

These words are our survival instincts attempting to keep us safe from harm and possible failure.

These instincts are deep rooted behaviors that have been instilled in humans to protect us from our dangerous environments. These traits helped us avoid unneeded risk from predators and did an excellent job of keeping us alive back in the day.

Although we may be removed from the jungle, we can’t quite kick the habit of being cautious in these risky situations. Tuning out the voices of doubt proves to be difficult no matter how hard we try, but that’s what it’s going to take.

Jack Ma, the founder of the e-commerce giant Alibaba, and self-made billionaire can attest to the struggle that comes with the doubt and failure that comes with entrepreneurship.

Jack has repeatedly run into the wall of defeat and is no stranger to the cold feeling of uncertainty. He was rejected from multiple jobs and was not accepted into any university growing up. He has applied to Harvard business school over time tens and was denied entry time and time again.

When KFC came to China, 25 people applied and 24 got the job. The only one turned away was Jack. However, this did not stop him from pursuing success as he built Alibaba to the world’s largest IPO ever as it became a business power house.

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His unrelenting spirit and flexibility has allowed him to bounce back from these discouraging moments and use them as fuel to burn brighter than most would ever imagine. It’s the essence of entrepreneurship and the reason why we must remain adaptable.

Every failure should be seen as a lesson learned and one never to be repeated. Having this mentality will maximize our potential and give us the mindset to spring board ourselves to new levels of success.

It’s okay to hear the voice that says you can’t. What’s not okay is to believe it. Let’s push past these walls of doubt and start that business, start that foundation, and do whatever our heart desires.

To do anything less would be selling ourselves short and giving into the abyss that world offers. Instead, let’s get after it and shine like the star we were always meant to be.

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