“If your absence doesn’t affect them, then your presence never mattered.” -Unknown

How many times do we find ourself stuck in a one-sided relationship? We extend ourselves to the limits only to be rewarded with a smug attitude and nothing in return. For many, this is the reality, and it was me not too long ago.

Seemingly nothing we do fills the void that lays as a chasm between us. The jump is too far, and there’s no help in building a bridge. It’s at this point in which we should come to grips with the situation.

We should respect ourselves enough to walk away from anything that no longer suits us and if it happens to be a person so be it. Life is like the ocean with a constant ebb and flow, the tides are strong, and if we have someone holding us down, we’ll both drown in the process.

Although it’s painful at first, we must be willing to part with those that don’t contribute in a positive way. If we fail to tend to these weeds, we run the risk of losing the whole garden. These problems have a way of creeping into others areas of life and has a destructive effect on all.

Even though starting over seems like a daunting task, it’s necessary if we wish to move on to bigger and better things. Once we take the first step, all others will be easy by comparison making the choice well worth the effort.

Often removing ourselves from these toxic situations is what we need to get our lives back on track. They serve as distractions which keep us from true happiness and all that we long for. In turn, it relieves us from this burden so we can continue to progress mentally, psychically, and emotionally.

We must commit ourselves to becoming the best version of ourselves, and if the other party doesn’t compliment this role, then they must be written off the script. Whether it’s our spouse, our friend, or our jobs nothing should stand in the way of achieving the level of success and satisfaction we want out of life.

So let’s take the time to weed our garden so the fruits of our labor can flourish. After all, things taste so much better when they’re ripe.

Posted by Victor Figueroa

Hi, I'm Victor Figueroa and I love growth and personal development. I strive to be better than yesterday and my mission is to help inspire everyone to reach their full potential. Let's grow together as we travel through this changing world in search of health, wealth, and happiness.

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