Everyone is in search of living a rich and fulfilling life. Whether it’s opening a business or pursuing a dream, there’s just no substitute for getting what we want. We may fake appearances, but deep down inside we know the truth.

We’ve fallen off, we’ve lost your way, and things don’t excite us like they once did. We slowly get out of bed with a heavy foot and a cold spirit. The paycheck doesn’t go as far, and our patience is slowly dwindling. Everything seems to be falling apart.

This happens to a lot of people, and it occurs for many reasons. We may have lost our passion or followed the wrong path, but in any case, in order to be happy again, we have to catch that spark. It’s this sense of direction that adds the hop in our step and the smile on our face.

It’s this self-obligation that pulls us through rough patches and pushes us in tough times. Without it, we succumb to our problems and live life with little interest and no drive. Finding our purpose is essential if we ever plan on feeling fulfilled and without it, we would hopelessly wander in search of meaning.

Now everyone’s mission is unique to their passion, talents, and skills, but its up to us to find it. It’s our duty to make this happen because we alone hold the keys to our happiness. No amount of pushing, pulling, or pleading can get us out of this rut. We must do it alone.

But first, we must establish our values. These are the principles in which we form every decision and that which dictates our very actions. It’s our personal commandments and the self-imposed boundaries that we refuse to cross. 

Without knowing these values, we will continually compromise and betray ourselves. These values will keep us grounded and ensure we make the right decisions. It’s our personal ethos and the rules by which we live our life.

Once we know the pillars that will hold us up, we will now have a moral compass that will give us direction. 

Next, is finding our motive. Motive, is what we wish to accomplish, it’s the silver lining of life which gives us that drive. We don’t do it for the money, glory, or accolades but merely for the fact that we love what we do.

It’s this sense of passion that pours out of our work, and its infects everyone around us. Our love is contagious and warms the spirits of all those involved. It’s what we were born to do and what we enjoy the most.

It gives us a sense of satisfaction that makes us proud to hang our hat at night. Once we find a way to intertwine this with our career its shows a future full of promise.

It’s important to note that purpose in life is unique to each of us, so we should stay true to ourselves. Don’t relegate your happiness to someone else’s objectivity. Instead, do what makes you happy and live free of compromise. To do anything less would be a disservice to yourself.

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