Making money online has always been portrayed as something out of a story. Like a mythical creature with wings and two heads. Well, rest assured, it’s  real, and it’s not as scary.

Millions are already taking advantage of the internet to line their pockets with greenbacks. It’s not something you should be afraid of, but rather embrace. The truth is, online businesses are run by people like you and me. The average joe’s ready to earn a buck and break the chains of the typical nine to five. I mean, who wouldn’t want a business that makes you money, rain or shine, 365 days a year?

Honestly, the effort involved is pretty minimal considering the returns. I started my own Amazon business and made on average 300 dollars a day. What’s not to love? I practically wake up to the money. Now, I just started, so these numbers will grow, but the results are encouraging.

I’m just here to say it’s possible. Everyone says that if I can do it, anyone can, well I’m not here to say that. I’ll give you the down and dirty. It’s not cut out for everybody. Those that end up taking advantage are A, people who want to change their lives, B, are willing to put in the effort, and C, those who can see the potential of what an internet business can do for them.

For example, one thing I’ve noticed when telling my friends and family about my results is that they are always skeptical. Even when presented with evidence like receipts, and direct deposits they still don’t believe me. Their way of thinking is so hard-wired by society that it’s a ridiculous notion, let alone a real consideration. These people are not cut out for entrepreneurship, even in its most basic form.

The problem is that these people’s mindset has revolved around being consumers. What can they buy, eat, drink, watch, etc. They’ve been so far removed from the idea of creating, that this notion is beyond their reasoning. I’m talking about the people who don’t cook for themselves, let alone build a business.

To these people making money on the internet is like building the pyramids. Where would I start, where would I get materials, how long will it take, these are the thoughts that come out of their mouths when presented with such ideas.

You can give them all the answers, but they still won’t budge. This example proves the adage true, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. Talk about frustrating, so I gave up, stopped talking about it. I came to the conclusion that people like that, allow guys like me to make money.

Most people want perceived security like a steady job, paycheck, and retirement. Ironically, none of those things are certain, let alone guaranteed. So I put the idea of helping my family build an online business behind me. For now, I’ll have to settle for doing what I want, when I want, whenever I want. I mean it could be worst, I could be in traffic on the way to a job that I hate. LOL life is good, life is good.

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