Opportunity can take many shapes and forms making it quite hard to spot at times. From reoccurring issues to the problematic chink in the proverbial armor, these annoyances can be seen as a chance to redesign or improve upon already set systems and products.

Whether it’s something that’s already on the market or an entirely new idea, opportunities are usually disguised as problems. It’s not always obvious, but with a trained eye, one can turn dubious situations into favorable circumstances.

“Opportunity is missed by most because it’s dressed in overalls and disguised as hard work.”

For example, Scott Boilen the inventor of the Snuggie had a common problem that we all encounter. While on the couch nestled in comfortably with a blanket watching television his hands were often trapped underneath the blanket.

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To reach for snacks was an inconvenience as you would have to remove your hands from the warmth of the covers and then return after the refreshments.

Seeing this as a chance to improve the viewing experience he combined the warmth and comfort of a blanket and added the convenience of sleeves to allow free movements of the arms.

This not only remedied the problem it made watching television more comfortable in the process. Using this prototype as his primary product model, he brought it to the market. The Snuggie would later turn into a massive success and a hit amongst tv viewers.

This seemingly insignificant annoyance provided Boilen the inspiration to make an everyday product that solves a common problem. With the vast majority of Americans regularly watching television you can see why it gained so much traction.

Instances like this are regular occurrences that drive change and innovation to the modern marketplace. With a little bit of ingenuity, a world of possibilities arises when such issues arise.

Take this approach to the next problem you encounter, and you too can come up with the next runaway hit!

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