The 10X Rule written by Grant Cardone is an incredible book geared for anyone aspiring for wealth and happiness. Cardone has a straightforward and easy to read writing style that gets his message across, which is get off your ass and push the pedal to the metal.

He has an interesting spin on how to achieve success, and it’s simply by ramping up your work ethic and raising the bar in every aspect possible. Setting bigger goals in shorter time periods to produce results that you have never experienced. Basically, if you’re going to be thinking, you might as well think big. Very practical advice that can work for everyone if applied correctly.

He states that whatever you’re currently working on can be a huge, whopping success if you take enough action. 10X the actions you’ll get 10X the customers and 10X the revenue. He applies this 10X rule to every aspect of his life and business, and it’s very clear me to see why he’s so successful.

If you don’t know who Grant Cardone is, he’s a New York Times bestseller, entrepreneur, and real estate guru who has astonishing results in many areas due to his persistence and mentality.

However, Grant Cardone wasn’t always successful, which he recounts of his earlier years when he was broke and addicted to the partying lifestyle. Which is something that we can all relate to, we all have our demons and seeing how he applies these principles to change his life and create a lifestyle of wealth and happiness is truly inspiring.

It’s refreshing to see someone come with an approach that so perfectly fits their attitude such as Cardone and the 10X Rule. I’ve started following Grant Cardone since reading his book and love his approach to business and life. He’s an expert communicator and an excellent businessman. Just see for yourself.

Grant, repeats throughout the book that Success should be your top priority and obsession. It’s your obligation to yourself, your family, and your future. If you don’t take success as an absolute must in your life, then you run the risk of never achieving it. By ingraining this philosophy into your mindset, you can ensure that you take the right approach to all your business endeavors in the future and set yourself up for massive success.

To combat mediocrity, his approach is to produce overwhelming success by killing the market and straight dominating his sector. Doing everything humanly possible to ensure that anything you do will deliver results in the shortest period. Your job is to produce sales, get attention, and become the only option in this competitive economy. You have to dominate and not compete. Competing is perfect for customers but not great for the entrepreneurs trying to make their business profitable.

He gives you this no B.S. approach for 200 pages, which helps you rewire your thinking towards success and the work involved to achieve it. What’s great is that he has practical exercises at the end of each chapter that makes sure the messages hits home that you can incorporate immediately while keeping them fresh in your mind. That combined with the writing style makes it an incredible read. These principles can be applied to virtually any aspect of your life in which you want to see results and change. From being a better mother, father, or student, it doesn’t matter. Apply these ideas to your life and watch you grow bigger and better.

It’s the perfect mixture of motivation, strategy, and philosophy. Cardone hits the nail on the head with this and keeps pounding it in so that it sticks. He doesn’t sugar coat anything and gives you everything uncensored and uncut. If you’re tired of the runaround when it comes to self-help books and the kumbaya that comes with it, look no further. This book will shake you up and have you working at 10X levels across the board. He gives you the tools need for success you just have to implement them.

This is a must read for Entrepreneurs, Investors, and anyone trying to achieve any type of goal in their lifetime. You can buy a copy here.

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