Chess is an excellent representation of life. There are endless opportunities that are constantly at play if we just seize the moment. From the beginning to end we can ‘t predict the outcome so we strategize as best we can and improvise the rest.

As we continue in our quest for success, we take the best moves to make our dreams into a reality making sacrifices along the way.

Sometimes we attack, sometimes we retreat, but we are constantly moving with the ebb and flow of things. These are the 34 lessons that chess teaches you about life.


1. You will have to make sacrifices to reach your ultimate goal.

2. Positioning is everything; you must be able to make a move that will set you up for future gain.

3. You must be able to seize an opportunity when it’s presented to you.

4. Everyone has different styles and knowing what you’re good at is the keys to success. Do what you can when you can and play to your strengths.

5. Not everything will go according to plan, so be flexible. You won’t have all the answers but making the best move in the position you’re in.

6. You’re only given so much time, so you must make the best of what you have before its too late. Wait too long to move, and you will have squandered precious moments.

7. A pawn placed in the right position can take any piece. Stay humble and make your moves wisely.

8. Learn from failed strategies. Take these lessons and apply them to better ideas to improve yourself.

9. Use your tools to the best of your abilities. Know what you have and their capabilities.

10. If you don’t take the game seriously, you’re bound to lose. Know what you want and how to get it.

11. Every piece matters even the lowliest pawn.

12. Use momentum and press for a better advantage. Continually strive to improve your position.

13. Retreat when you must and return with a counter attack.

14. Think slow and act fast. Rush your thinking and you run the risking of losing precious resources.

15. Timing is everything. The right move at the right time can tip the scales in your favor.

16. Take care of everyone because they are all part of your team.

17. Be aggressive when you have an opening and defensive when under attack.

18. Pick your battles; you can’t win them all.

19. Failure to plan is planning to fail.

20. Be aggressive when others are retreating, and retreat when others are being aggressive.

21. Stay focused nothing stays the same for too long.

22. Protect what matters most.

23. Every move builds upon the last.

24. Use all your resources.

25. Learn from more experienced players.

26. There are many moves, choose the best one for you.

27. Every pawn has the potential to become a queen.

28. Don’t be afraid of important battles.

29. Know where to draw the line.

30. Plan for the worst and pray for the best.

31. With big risk comes big reward.

32. Form a strong team, to meet your goals.

33. Believe in your movements as you move towards the target.

34. If all else fails, fake it ’till you make it.



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