Success. Everyone wants it but not everyone gets it. It’s as elusive as the wind and incredibly hard to tame. It takes many forms but the underlying principle is achievement. Everyone one’s version of success is realizing our goals and maintaining a life that makes us happy.

Now success is different person to person but the fundamentals do not change. Just like an athlete must know the rules of the game, you must familiarize yourself with the timeless laws of achievement.

In my search for the guidelines that govern these principles, I have uncovered six pillars that stand firm in every story, article, and video. These six founding principles of success is a vision, faith, planning, implementation, consistency, and mental toughness.

You can add to these ideas but you must never take away from them. Doing so would be a grave mistake and a violation of the rules. Let’s outline these rules to give you a fighting chance at winning the game and returning victorious.


First and foremost having a clear idea of what you want to achieve is the most important principle. Without this foundation, you will carelessly wander like a leaf blowing in the breeze.

This is the essential blueprint needed to build the life you desire. Come up with an ideal image of what exactly you wish to accomplish and you have taken the first step towards achievement.


Having faith in yourself is like fuel to a car. Without it, you will go nowhere and find yourself at square one. We must understand that everyone is created equal and that we are all capable of shaping our realities. Every journey begins with a single step, but we must believe before we can achieve.


Proper preparation prevents poor performance. Simply put, failure to plan is planning to fail. Just like a coach draws up plays for his athletes, we too need our own playbook. A well-organized plan is like music in motion. When properly executed these ideas clearly define the steps needed to realizing our goals. Sketch out a plan of action before you begin your journey and use these instructions as a map for your destination.


Once we have a plan the next step is implementation. Massive action is the only way to progress and must be taken daily. Taking these ideas and acting on them is what gets us moving in the right direction. Once we get the ball rolling we’ll soon have momentum that carries us into the next step.


Success is easily distracted. If you don’t pay attention she’ll soon leave for someone else. Imagine success is like the rent if you don’t pay you don’t stay. The only problem is, the rent is due daily. So we must establish a routine that consistently keeps us moving towards our goal. This needs to take place every day or you run the risk of losing her.

Mental Toughness

The road to success is a long an arduous journey. It winds through steep hills and low valleys. There will times of triumph and times of tragedy, so we must have the toughness to endure the ups and downs. Keep your mind grounded and you’ll find that these obstacles will only be slight inconveniences as you propel forward.

Now that you know the rules you’ll be better suited to begin this journey. Follow these principles and violate them at your own peril.

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