In this impatient society, it’s hard to stay consistent when results don’t quickly appear.

With downloads, fast food, and emails, instant gratification is what we’ve come to expect. So it’s no surprise that new year resolutions go unaccomplished and projects aren’t finished.

We have been hard-wired to expect fast results. We all want things sooner rather than later but, unfortunately, that’s not how the world works. You can’t fast forward results, and you can’t speed up time.

So what’s the catalyst that drives real change? Consistency. Good or bad, any action repeatedly taken over time will have dramatic effects.

Everyone knows the story of the tortoise and the hare right? How the turtle managed to beat the rabbit in a race to the finish line.

Even though the tortoise was clearly outmatched, that did not stop him. He was undeterred and consistent in his action. One foot in front of the other, and it took him to victory. That’s consistency at work.

No matter how boring it may be, small actions taken over time will compound into lasting results. It may seem obvious with this story, but in real life, it’s not so easy.

Let’s take two friends, Larry and John. Larry decides to take the stairs, eat 100 calories less, and read ten pages from a book every day.

On the other hand, John always takes the elevator, eats what he wants, and watches Netflix every night. Six months pass, and nothing seems to change.

A year goes by, and no real effects are seen. Fast forward five years and suddenly the results are noticeable. John is fit, healthy, and used the self-help books to become a better person. John, however, isn’t so lucky. He has gained 20 pounds, has high blood pressure, and knows the plot to every Netflix original.

The point is that these small decisions add up over time and can make a huge difference. No matter how insignificant your actions may seem, they do have lasting effects. That’s why it’s important to establish good habits.

Every step you make can either move you towards or away from your goals.

When your motivation wears off, and the drive is gone, consistency is what takes over. No matter how unsexy and boring it may seem, these small actions are what ultimately makes the difference.

Anything worth having takes time and involves hard work. There will be days where you don’t want to do anything but lay in bed; you must fight these urges and continue to grind. Clock in on your days off, wake up when others are asleep and do what most won’t. In the end, you’ll have something to be proud of, and the results will show.


Bottom line

Unless you plan on dying tomorrow, play the long game. It’s more profitable, and it brings value to your life. Money, health, fitness, education its all the same. Make small steps today to meet your big goals tomorrow.

I challenge you to pick one little habit to improve your life. Maybe do ten pushups before bed or listen to an audiobook while commuting to work. Whatever you decide, stick to it and notice how it changes your life. Let us know in the comments below what you’re picking and why. We’d love to hear from you.




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