Darren Hardy does a great job of grabbing your attention and getting you headed in the right direction with this self-help book. I liked his easy to follow storytelling and his practical explanations. This book has opened my eyes up to certain habits that I struggle with, and he teaches how to overcome them with his proven methods.

Darren Hardy has quite the track record publishing several books on the New York Times best sellers list. This one by far is my favorite one to date. By detailing the steps needed to prepare for the future and utilizing the most of your time today he teaches how each and every person can become the best version of themselves.

One particular message that has stuck with me is the power of habit and how a good one can make your life exponentially better. For example, he points out running. If you wanted to run a marathon but never ran, a good start would be walking around the neighborhood. Does this a couple of times and you’ll grow comfortable enough to start running. After running this loop, you’ll soon outgrow it and go farther and farther.

Mainly he points out that every habit has a snowball effect and after years of compounding these efforts they can be either great or terrible for you depending on what it is.

I found this book to be incredibly helpful in many ways and would recommend it to everyone.  He has simple exercises you can practice in the book that can help you free up time, invest for your future, and boost your overall health.

If you’re in need of a kickstart or just want to brush up on some basic skills you already have, it has a little bit of everything. From the top CEO to the struggling college student this book is a must have.

If you’re interested in purchasing this eye-opening book, the link is provided below.


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