They say that life is stranger than fiction and you’d be hard pressed to find an exception. There are extraordinary individuals who have walked the face of the earth and shaped society as we know it. Luckily for us, these stories have been documented for our reading and learning pleasure.

In these pages are the tales of some of the greatest entrepreneurs that have managed to change the way we live our lives. Without these trailblazers shaking up their respective industries much would have stayed the same. They have managed to innovate in age-old markets leaving their signature on everything they touched.

Without further a do, I bring to you my top 3 biographies that every entrepreneur should read. Regardless of your industry or interests, these books follow the lives of some of the world’s highest achievers. Enjoy.

1. The Fish that ate the whale: The life and time of America’s banana king

This is biography is about a Russian-American immigrant named Sam Zemurray who toppled the banana empire. By building a better company, Sam has laid the foundations that the banana industry follows today. Without his influential work bananas would be more expensive and less available than they are now.

From the humble beginning of selling out of train cars, Sam managed to erect an empire by importing the fruit straight from South America. Sam was a clever fellow who capitalized on every opportunity. Despite being outmatched and outgunned he always found a way to overcome. 

This is an inspiring rags to riches story that will change your outlook on problems and give you a better sense of the ingenuity needed to hurdle obstacles. Beware, this book is quite addictive! Once you start reading it’s hard to stop.

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2. Shoe Dog: Phil Knight

Nike is the number 1 shoe retailer in the world, but it wasn’t always like this. Phil Knight recounts the trials and tribulations he encountered along the way to building the most recognizable brand this side of the equator.

Right after the world war II the United States and Japanese weren’t exactly the best of friends. This, however, didn’t stop Phil Knight from taking a flight to the land of the rising sun. With little in his pocket but a lot on his mind Knight meet with Japanese shoe executives and began his first shoe company.

These memoirs give you a first-hand account of the blood, sweat, and tears that came to build one of the most successful brands known to man.

3. Elon Musk: Tesla, Space X and the quest for a fantastic future

With companies like Tesla and Space X, it seems like Elon Musk is larger than life. While all things appear to fall into place for Musk, it’s not entirely the case. Although Elon has always been brilliant, he had to shine through some dark times.

Before the fame, before the wealth, Musk had to overcome an assortment of pain and tragedy to become the man he is today. Despite being beaten mentally and psychically, Musk made his way to America to escape South Africa and the issues that tried to keep him down. Now he’s the real life Iron man and a leader in space exploration as well as renewable energy!

I thoroughly enjoyed each of these books and came to understand the inner workings of what it takes to become the best of the best. These individuals are cut from a different cloth, and one can learn a lot by reading their life story. I highly recommend them and hope you can learn as much as I did.

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