“The Impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.” -Marcus Aurelius

Regardless of who we are, we must understand there is no avoiding the problems. Obstacles have overwhelmed people of power and those of humble means. In some way or another, we will face issues and we must find the strength to overcome.

Life is the most impartial judge throughout the land. It does not care about your creed, color, or any other distinguishing detail. These malicious forces swirl all around us with no regard to our existence and no qualms over our misfortune. Just as the law of physics apply to all that roam this celestial planet so does hardship, obstacles, and success regardless of rank or position.

With this in mind, we must face our issues with diligence to overcome these barriers. Forever pushing back to that which beckons our failure. Only through these obstacles will we acquire the skills to improve and the motivation to drive on.

For example, facing incredible adversity during the civil rights movement, Dr. Martin Luther King did the opposite of what most people do when dealing with violence and racial slurs. He approached these issues with peace and led with tranquility. In a time where you were judged off your skin and not your merit, it would have been easy for him to lash out and hate the world.

But doing so would not fix the situation nor improve his position. His temperament and ability to understand his role in the big picture helped him move forward with dignity and honor.

When others would retreat, he would advance. When others stayed silent, he spoke. It’s only with this fortitude can we expect to make a change in our lives. He understood that the only way to deal with the issues was head on. Armed with this wisdom and courage, he led the civil rights movement and made tremendous progress, advancing the rights of all minorities in the process.

Although our obstacles may pale in comparison, we should continue with the same ferocity. Only through diligence, resistance, and intelligence will we ever overcome our problems. Let’s face them with the will of MLK and find the courage to turn our trials into triumph.

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