Look no further the one size fits all book of entrepreneurship and premier performance is finally here. Tim Ferris, New York Times bestseller of The 4-hour Work Week and The 4-hour Chef has made a comprehensive tell-all book about the successful men and women featured on his podcast, the Tim Ferris Show.

This is the holy grail of self-help books as it is jam packed with everything you need to know for a better life. It’s roughly the size of an encyclopedia with different sections covering wealth, health, and wisdom. It brings you full circle in all the areas to make a better life.

Do you want to know how to overcome setbacks like a navy seal? Done. How about the morning routine of a high-level CEO like Jack Dorsey? Say no more. It’s all in here.

All the individuals interviewed are proven, world-class performers. From entrepreneurs, investors, filmmakers, entertainers, athletes, and military leaders they have all given the tricks behind their prosperity.

Their routines, habits, workouts, and mindset here for your critique or implementation. It’s up to you.

The great thing about this assortment of interviews is that it doesn’t tell you this is how any one thing should be.

It merely points out what has made others masters of their craft. You can take it or leave it. Just some sound advice from people qualified to do so.

Some of the people included are Tony Robbins, Jammie Foxx, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Seth Godin just to name a few.

Being as how it’s a collection of excerpts from his podcast you don’t need to read this from front to back to gain valuable information. It’s encouraged to read in sections and jump around as you see fit.

Whether you need some insight on how to invest or a simple morning routine, it’s in here.

We can all use a little bit more wisdom in our life and who else is better suited to give us advice than the ultra successful?

Each and every person in this book has dominated their sector and shown consistently they have what it takes to succeed at every level.

All in all this book really impressed me, with everything captured and quoted straight from the interviewees themselves, it’s like having a one on one conversation with people we would otherwise never meet. I would encourage you to take a look for yourself and see what it takes to become a next level performer.

Get your copy here.  http://amzn.to/2jADi2O

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