Books, they have been around since the beginning of time. From hieroglyphics to stone tablets, traditional books, and now e-readers they have always been a source of information and infinite knowledge.

Some of the greatest ideas have been documented and spread through a mobile collection of pages that can shift paradigms and change lives. The value of reading is indispensable, and these instruments of success are abundant.

If you want to be able to make a killing on the stock market, or maybe learn how to build a car there is a book out there with these instructions. The information is readily available to all of us; you can find out how to do anything in the world if you just open a book. We’ll discuss the reasons why reading is so important in today’s society, and hopefully, you’ll visit your local library.

1. How to manual

No matter what you’re interested in, someone somewhere has done it, excelled at it, and is extremely successful. If you wanted to learn how to race motorcycles wouldn’t you love to talk to a Moto GP racer? Of course, but since we’re not always in a position to speak to certain people, reading their books is the next best thing. Books will detail specific plans and ideas needed to build a base of knowledge that can propel you into success. They are essentially blueprints that can be used to create achievements like you’ve never experienced. Not only do they tell you what to do, more importantly, they tell you what not to do.

Life is too short to be repeating other people’s mistakes and by reading it will put you in the fast lane towards your goals. Avoiding critical mistakes is something we should all avoid in our lives and heeding the advice of experts is an easy way to do that.

2. Books opens your mind

Reading helps you look at the world in a different way; they can shift your mindset and implant ideas that were previously foreign to you. It unlocks secret doors to different cultures, countries, and philosophies, Many of the most successful people in the world make it a habit of reading daily. Warren Buffet finishes two books a day and most top earning CEO’s read a book a week.  Most of the wealthiest people know the power of books and so should you.

3. Books make you Smarter

The more you read, the smarter you get. When you’re exposing yourself to new ideas and stimulating your brain, you open your mind to critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The brain is a muscle, and just like any another muscle if you don’t use it, you lose it.

Reading keeps you thinking and on your toes. Books can be your personal tutor and your best professor. They are mobile mentors that can reveal secrets like no universities can. It’s time to take advantage.

4. Books expand your vocabulary

Being well-spoken and having the ability to articulate your thoughts will help your personal and professional life. Speaking to people and being able to portray your ideas in a clear, concise manner will make you look credible and reliable.

Books do this by exposing you to a new vernacular and helps broaden your command of the English language. People tend to promote and listen to individuals that can express themselves adequately. The best speakers in the world are avid readers and self-proclaimed librarians.

5. Books Make you a better writer

Reading and writing go hand in hand. After all, you can’t do one without the other. Reading will help your personal writing style grow and adapt with the more books you finish. Reading other authors works will rub off on your skills and show in your writings. Just like athletes learn moves from watching tapes the same goes with being a writer. You’ll adapt certain nuances and refine your style. If you read you are also a writer, you just don’t know it yet.


I hope this will encourage you to read more in the upcoming weeks. The importance of books on our lives is crucial to our growth as humans and society.  Establishing a good reading habit can revolutionize your thoughts and help open doors that have not previously existed. Books have changed my life for the better, and I encourage everyone to visit your local library and expand your world.

Knowledge is power, and the books are the keys to that door!



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