Jellyfish, are quite interesting creatures. Floating in the ocean seemingly peacefully meandering through the sea like a rebel without a cause. They are often overlooked as mysterious and written off as nothing more than another weird fish in the ocean. However, this silent sea dweller can teach the most seasoned entrepreneurs lessons on how to stay on top of the market from under the ocean blue. Here are the reasons you should model your business after this mysterious creature.

360 Degree Vision

Most people don’t know that box jellyfish have 24 eyes, making it one of the only animals one earth to have 360-degree vision. Now we can all want to see in every direction, but as a business owner, you must try your best to cover all the bases. Whether it’s having watchful eyes on the competition or just paying attention to your customers. Keeping up with the ebb and flow of the market is what can make or break you. Staying ahead of the constant change in the economy is becoming increasingly difficult, but you must keep your eyes peeled for any changes, so you won’t get blindsided. Make sure to keep up with the flow of the current just like the box jelly.

Passive Killers

Jellies are passive killers; they use their tentacles to capture prey behind them as the swim. Entrepreneurs should be passive killers too, well not in the literal sense but you know what we mean. Just because you’re away on vacation or asleep doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make passive income online. Starting a website with products and services that provide customers with value around the clock is the name of the game. Opening a new domain and hosting your own site is a must nowadays. Amazon and eBay also have incredible platforms to utilize as well, making it easy to become part of the world’s biggest online markets. Become a passive killer and throw your products on the web to crush it while you sleep.

Top Predators

Jellyfish are at the top of the food chain. Isn’t surprising, there aren’t much fish that eat jellies making it one of the top tier predators in the ocean. Just like the jelly, you should try to dominate your market and stop trying to compete. Dial in your niche and make sure you do the best you can to have little competition. This is how you can make the best gains and build a future that you can be proud of.

They’re Everywhere

Jellyfish are in every ocean and even fresh waters. Your business should be everywhere too, if you’re not on every major social media platform, you’re losing potential customers. Expand to new horizons and venture into unknown waters to capitalize on untapped markets. Join Pinterest, Instagram, facebook and anything with an app. Make yourself available to all media outlets, and you’ll give your company the exposure it needs to gain new clients.

Multiply in the light

Jellyfish have the ability to reproduce by themselves in the light. Whenever they can, they will split themselves and duplicate their efforts. Whenever you become cash flow positive, you should expand your business to different areas. Open up new storefronts in different locations and scale. Make sure your business has the scalability to become a raging success and expand when you can.

Dangerous when attacked

Box jellyfish have enough poison to kill 60 humans. Now they don’t look dangerous, but they can sure pack a punch. They follow the Teddy Roosevelt principle of speaking softly but carrying a big stick. Be personable to your customers and provide value so you can crush your competitors. Try to dominate whenever you can so that unexpected market crashes and economic downfall doesn’t hurt you. Be prepared to kill it while you can, and protect your business at all costs.

Been around forever

Will not forever, but a very long time. They have been around since before the dinosaurs. Jellyfish have been roaming the earth’s oceans for 500 million years making them the oldest animal. Set up your business model to live on throughout with or without you. Having a detailed blueprint and tweaking what you can when you can ensure you have a business that can stand the test of time. Model your plan after the best and follow their footsteps. Be like the jelly and become a legend.

Bottom line

Business and jellyfish have more in common that you think. Take these attributes and apply them to your company, brand, and business and you’ll find that you too can become a long-lasting success.


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